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Revision History not working - sdh0331 - 01-13-2016

I downloaded the latest zip file from the OpenDocMan website... (on or about ~1Jan16)

I basically followed instructions I found here:

I created a WAMP server & installed OpenDocMan "community" 1.3.4, database version 1.3.0

All is working except I'm when I'm attempting to retrieve prior versions.
I have 3 versions of the same document, but can't check out prior versions.

From "History", the URL is this:

When I click at "1", the URL is this:

When I click "view", the URL is this:

"To view your file in the new window Click Here", the copied link address is this:

That link seems to regularly provide me with the "latest version".
The Download button provides the same latest version

In my data folder:

I can see there are 1_0.dat and files, which when renamed w/ a proper extension are the proper versions.

Can you advise on where I'm going wrong?