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Is OpenDocMan right for me? - corona2014 - 12-30-2013

Dear support forum,
I am looking for a way for a Home Owners Association to post and share documents with it's members.

Must-have features:
Individual log in credentials for each association member
The ability to set permissions on documents, folders, etc.
The ability to create groups with different permission levels
Logging of which member downloaded which documents

Nice-to-have features:
Daily backups of database

I plan to install OpenDocMan software (or something similar) on a Linux Virtual Private Server hosted by Go Daddy. Once set up, the HOA administrators should be able to upload meeting minutes, financial statements, photos of ongoing maintenance projects, etc. for the HOA members to have access and download.

Is OpenDocMan right for me?
If so, is the free version enough?
Any advice is much appreciated.

I apologize if this question has been asked and answered elsewhere. I did not really know how to search for such an inquiry.


Re: Is OpenDocMan right for me? - Muplor - 03-31-2014

I'm new to this tool but i've been impressed so far.

I'd suggest you install it and give it a go to see if it suits your needs.