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dataDir does not exist. - jim - 10-22-2012

I know this is a hoary old chestnut but

I have two systems a windows and Linux system. i generally use the linux system I was able to transfer opendoc man from Linux to windows running under xampp and all worked well, but there are two odm_data directories and it is only a matter of time before these go out of synch.

as I use a memory stick to shit data between the two systems so it occurred to me if I could put the odm_data directory on the stick then it would simplify the whole problem. This what I did and got the dataDir does not exist. I rest the permissions for Linux no good. I changed the settings in the data base. No Good. It seems this ahs to reside in the same root directory as the code is this correct. If it is then I could shift the entire site to the stick. It would mean some messing about with the Ini file which I would prefer to avoid. So is there an easier way/

can anyone help Please

thanks in advance