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Password Requirements - cljones - 08-17-2012

Hello, I'm new to OpenDocMan. I have v1.2.6.1 setup on an Ubuntu server with MySql.

1. Is there somewhere I can set the password requirements? Specifically, password length.

2. I'm going to run this on a secure Intranet. I'd like for all my users to have readonly access with out logging in. Is there a way to set it to allow you to see the managed files without a login?

Thank you,


Re: Password Requirements - cljones - 08-17-2012

I figured out #1. I went into MySql and set the password field in the Users table to allow Null entries. I then edited the user.php file, line 509. It a HTML tag for an <input> field named password. I removed the class=required and minlength=5. That allowed me to create a user with no password.

However I'd still like to know if anyone knows of a way that I can access the files in a read only mode with out logging in.



Re: Password Requirements - Stephen - 08-18-2012

There is an anonymous feature that will be implemented at some point which will provide an anonymous page for any files marked as "anonymous"

Re: Password Requirements - cljones - 09-04-2012

Thanks for the update, but I couldn't wait. So I did another edit to emulate an anonymous user.

1. I created a user ID that is only allowed read only.
2. I copied index.php to index-r.php.
3. I edited index-r.php:
a. I remarked out line 63: if(isset($_Post['login']))
b. I remarked out the { on line 64
c. I changed line 71 to hard code an ID: $frmuser = "username";
d. I changed line 72 to hard code a Password: $frmpass= "password";
e. I remarked out lines 119-130.

Now when a user goes to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://intranet/opendoc/index-r.php">http://intranet/opendoc/index-r.php</a><!-- m --> it auto logs in with the ID that is restricted to read only.
If I send a user to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://intranet/opendoc/index.php">http://intranet/opendoc/index.php</a><!-- m --> they get the normal log in.