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Shared Users - chrisaroz - 10-04-2010

Is there anyway I can have a single login that's shared with either Wordpress and/or OSticket? I really don't want people (or me) to have to login into 3 different accounts.

Re: Shared Users - Stephen - 10-04-2010

Not at the moment, but there is a feature request for WP integration which would include authentication.

Re: Shared Users - chrisaroz - 10-04-2010

Steve, as always, thank you for replying so quickly!

Is their any other current integration like OpenID, Facebook Connect, etc.. that may allow me to reach the same end?

Re: Shared Users - Stephen - 10-05-2010

I am sure I could create something for you if you need an alternate login method. Contact me through our website to discuss details and pricing.