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New Install Problem - Brian - 06-09-2010

I am trying to install Opendocman on a Freebsd 8.0 server using the latest PHP 5 and MYSQL ports.

I seem to have all the pieces talking to each other now but I am getting an error when I run the install:

Checking that templates_c folder is writeable... OK
Database Created
Database Selected

Could not create odm_admin tableYou have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'TYPE=MyISAM' at line 4

Help anyone?


Re: New Install Problem - Stephen - 06-09-2010

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ngine.html</a><!-- m -->

Some info there on the TYPE= option being deprecated, although it is supposed to be backwards compatible. Change it to ENGINE= I guess?

Re: New Install Problem - Stephen - 06-10-2010

Oh, and what version of mysql are you running?

Re: New Install Problem - Brian - 06-10-2010

Thank you very much ... that fixed the error.


Oh and I am running: My SQL Server version: 5.5.4-m3 FreeBSD port: mysql-server-5.5.4

Re: New Install Problem - mad3813 - 04-04-2011

Hi, sorry I am having the same issue as the OP and was wondering where this would be changed?

Opendocman, PHP 5.3.6, Server 2003, IIS6

Re: New Install Problem - Stephen - 04-04-2011

I think that is in /install/odm.php. There are SQL queries with TYPE=**** in them. You can remove that part because the default for mysql is MyISAM.

Re: New Install Problem - ruben_2424 - 04-08-2011


I am new to PHP and MySQL. I am installing opendocman, the following appears after I click the new installation link:

Checking that templates_c folder is writeable... OK
Database Created
Database Selected

Could insert new version into db user

and if I click the odm.php from the Index of /opendocman-

i got the following:

Could not create admin tableNo database selected

what would be the possible solution? thanks a lot!

I am using the MySQL ver 5.5.8, PHP ver. 5.3.5, Apache 2.2.17

Re: New Install Problem - cmichel - 04-13-2011


i made it so:
open the file "database.sql" with word and replace all "TYPE=MyISAM" with " ".
Then install the SQL direct into the databasse with the import function.
Thats it ^^

best regards,

Re: New Install Problem - masud62 - 04-26-2011

Dear friend,
I am trying to install this on Xampp win 32 which is on windows Xp. but could not get through with table creation. Is their any version of installer which can run on IIS. Please help me with installation mode document for IIS and windows Xp or Windows 2003 64 bit.
Appreciate your kind assistance.

Mostafiz Wink Sad Sad