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Delete Department? - ok2me - 05-13-2010

Is there a reason why there's no "Delete Department" function?

Re: Delete Department? - Stephen - 05-13-2010

There was 10 years ago, but I really don't know what that reason was. It is a feature being added to a future version.

I think the trouble comes when you have a department that has all sorts of users, permissions, and files assigned to it. When delete that department, what happens to all of those? I guess you could ask the admin which department to move everything to? Does that sound about right?

Re: Delete Department? - ok2me - 05-14-2010

In my case I had just created a "test" department, added people/files, tried a few things to see how they worked, and then wanted to delete the "test" department.

In the case of a more "mature" department, I suppose the choices could be:
- getting rid of the department and resetting everything associated with it to some default value,
- disallowing the delete until the admin had moved all the sub-objects out and the department was "empty"


Re: Delete Department? - Stephen - 05-14-2010

Ok, I am going to add this to the current feature request we have for "change department of a file". Both features go together.


Re: Delete Department? - dannyb7 - 06-16-2010

Yes. This would be a great functional enhancement as I attempted to to the same thing as the original poster.


Re: Delete Department? - Stephen - 02-12-2011

Delete Department feature has been added to the latest 1.2.6 beta version.