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Reconsidering Implementing This Software - Datsys - 10-20-2018

Greetings Everyone
I had looked at a previous version of this DMS on a Windows (WAMP) platform but felt it may not have met our needs at the time. I understand it has come a lot further since that test and the search for a DMS solution has now come down to this and Logicaldoc. The advantage here is that we are already using a VPS with CentOS 7 and LAMP for 2 other software projects. As such I would like to get some answers to some concerns that could make the choice.

Q1 - The VPS is currently set up with a NO-IP host name so I would like to know if we can install ODM so that the URL to get to the Login Page would be

Q2 - We have 3 sets of documents that are not related to each other so would need to do multi tenant implementation. Can we do this with ODM?

Q3 - Can we we use a department type structure in ODM? In the case of our business documents, persons involved in sales are not to have access to documents related to training or those related to technical support resources.

Q4 - How much control do we have over what any specific user can do with documents they have access to (print, download, copy, email, etc.)?

Q5 - Are we able to use such things like a custom landing page?

Q6 - If we really like the product how much freedom do we have for branding?