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Full Version: New Installation stuck on setup/config
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I'm trying to get a new installation of OpenDocMan up and running.  I'm installing on a new Ubuntu 17.04 LAMP system.  I've managed to get webMin and PHPMyAdmin installed so it would seem that MySQL and PHP and Apache are up and running.  When I try to get to the initial configuration screen it just brings up a blank page with the exception of displaying the 'OpenDocMan' logo.  I'm assuming that I have a permissions issue that causing part of the page to not render correctly or completely.  Can anyone provide guidance for what to look for and where?  It's been a while since I did a setup on Ubuntu, but I believe that the Apache system uses the 'www-data' user but I don't think that user has a password defined, or if it does, I don't know what it is.  It's just the default that is installed with the system.
Got the same problem. Have you managed to find a solution?